Grand Concourse, officially called "Grand Concourse and Boulevard", is a 4 1/2-mile, 11 lane major street that was modeled after Champs Elysees in France and is the borough's longest stretching street. Beneath it runs the former Independent Subway Line a.k.a. the D & B trains that run from 205th St. (Norwood) and Bedford Park Blvd. (Bedford Park), respectively, to Coney island, Brooklyn. The Bx1 and Bx2 buses also run on Grand Concourse.

A little known fact is that the GC rivals only South Beach, Florida for the largest number of art deco buildings in the United States. Though the street has been long neglected like much of the Bronx, you can still see how elaborate each building is. Most are your typical 6-story apartment buildings but some are as tall as 9 stories or more. This used to be the Park Ave. of the Bronx. Once a largely upper middle-class strip, moving to the Grand Concoourse was viewed as moving up in the world and pretigious.

Things to see on the Concourse:

Edgar Allan Poe's Cottage-Kingsbridge Rd.

Bronx Museum of the Arts-165th St.

Loew's Paradise Theatre (recently reopened)- below 188th St.