Is the Ironman on?

Last week, Sterne, Agee & Leach Inc’s managing director Charles MacIntosh swam twenty-nine miles in preparation for the very first Ironman triathlon of New York City. Now, Charles MacIntosh and other 2499 participants might not take a dip in the Hudson river because of a broken sewer line.

The 140.6 mile combines running, swimming and cycling. The organizers of the event claimed that the swimming part probably have to be called off following an overnight release of million gallons of raw sewage in the Hudson river which separates New Jersey and New York.

As experts say the quality of the water as the current’s direction in MacIntosh, Hudson as well as other competitors are left expecting to know if they must leave its wetsuits behind. Jessica Weidensall, the spokesperson for Ironman, stated that whether there would be a swimming contest or not would be decided in his afternoon.

Thirty four year old MacIntosh told that in his mind and probably most participants in this contest, if there is no swiming, some of the personal gratification of doing an Ironman is fully gone. He was a part of the relay group which swam across the Manhattan island previous week. He added that it has been a ling biking and a marathon. There is still a whole lot of work, but you are not a areal ironman.

Since the year 1997, MacIntosh has finished over hundred triathlon races and told that probably in five of those races, swimming had been cancelled due to bad weather.