Man from Atlanta man drives to Los Angeles from New York

A man named Ed Bolian has cracked the record of fastest drive to Los Angeles from New York. The 2800 miles tour generally takes around forty hours, but according to Ed Bolian, he did it in less than twenty nine hours.

With hundred miles per hour average speed and just forty six minutes spent stopped, Ed and his 2 team members finished the long trip in only 28 hours and 50 minutes; thus —breaking the earlier record for the same drive in the year 2006 completed in thirty one hours and four minutes.

Ed told that he started getting ready for the record breaking drive around 18 months ago. However, his oddment about driving from New York to Los Angeles started long before that. In his website, twenty seven year old Ed told that about ten years ago he interviewed Brock Yates for a project on Automotive Journalism as a senior in high school. They talked about Yates’ Cannonball Run, an unofficial coast-to-coast road race arranged in the 1970s which inspired the Burt Reynolds film. That time, Ed told him that one day he would break this record.

Bolian always wanted to fulfill his dream. He is a Lamborghini dealer from Atlanta. He took a Mercedes CL 55 and he took 2 extra fuel tanks, a mobile internet connection, two GPS devices as well as a bedpan to avoid bathroom breaks.

The group also outfitted the vehicle along with technology serve them to avoid police detection - a police scanner and radar detector among other things.