Massive emergency preparation practice in New York

The New York City Department of Health carried out a huge emergency preparation practice at thirty facilities throughout the city earlier on Friday. The department personnel examined the delivery of emergency medications in the case of a biological onrush, like anthrax, or other public health emergency in the place. The bulk of the deliveries would happen at public school buildings.

This is the biggest surprise drill in the history of the city. The drill was planned to happen from around 6.30 am to 3 pm. The bulk of participants was handed no notice to better test; and feigns a real response and emergency.

First Deputy Commissioner of the Health Department Dr.
Oxiris Barbot told that the New York City Health Department is responsible for developing and executing plans for the mass dispensing of life saving medicine in response to public health emergencies. This exercise demonstrates our commitment to ensuring we have the capability and resources to protect the health and safety of all New Yorkers in times of crisis.

The city discouraged that supply trucks would be escorted by the New York Police Department as well as other law enforcement cars throughout the city. The whole exercise calls for deploying over one thousand five hundred staff members from over a dozen city agencies as well as setting up thirty temporary places which would be utilized in the event of an emergency to dish out life saving medication.

The target is to see how fast they could receive the drugs circularized in case of an emergency. The Health Department stated that no real medications would be handed as part of this exercise, and there must not be any impact to other pre-planned activities in the affected places.