New York celebrates 4th July

On Wednesday night, New York celebrated United States' 236th Independence Day. Huge crowd gathered near the Hunson River and they cheered 'America, America' while watching the fireworks. The theme of the firework, for this year, was 'Ignite the night.' The scores were selected by the Facebook fans of Macy and the scores include 'America the Beautiful' by Ray Charls, 'God Bless the USA' by Madonna and 'One Moment in Time' by Whitney Houston.

All the people, who gathered near Hudson River, were not only from Now York - there were people from other parts of United States and the world as well. A lady from Atlanta came here with her husband. She told that she loves her country. America gave everything to them. There was another traveler from Wales, who told that the people of this nation are very patriotic, they just love their state more than anything else. And this reminds him of his country. Staying here shows the similarities.

Another traveler from Europe told that he only heard of 4th July, but this year he is lucky enough to see it with his very own eyes that what the people of America mean by 'light up the 4th July.' A student from Washington told that being here, in the midst of all celebrations, reminds him of the people who served for their nation and it make him think about his state, their values and most importantly freedom. New York Mayor Bloomberg joined the annual parade where he stated that it is a great privilege to be an American.