New York City's Botanical Garden

Each year, during the holiday season, the New York City Botanical Garden’s Enid A. Haupt Conservatory turns into a small urban wonderland with models of New York City’s iconic landmarks. Some still exists while others represent the old era that no longer exists.

The New York Botanical Garden was established in 1891 by New York state legislature. This place inspired botanists. This place is still partially financed by financiers and civic leaders; this place is quite well known for its extensive conservation, plant research, educational programs and plant collection. Holiday Train Show is arguably the most popular exhibit.

The visitors are welcomed at the entrance of the garden by teenage ‘railway – engineer’ volunteers dressed up in a white and blue caps and striped overalls, along with red bandanas on their neck. Before making it to the main show, visitors can take a look at the “World’s Largest Store”, which is a 3 foot tall model of an 8 – story building. The sign is spelled in green, white and red lentils. The model buildings do not copy New York City, but to make a beautiful and magical city.

When kids come, they generally look for the G-gauge railway system which runs among the small buildings at a knee level. Kids do have to wait much long to board a train as there are fourteen trains and trolleys running all the time. More importantly, it is not just the kids, but adults also love to come to this place.