New York City starts new age telephone booths

New York City’s telephone booths that appeared obsolete in the age of cellphones, is now getting more attention these days. Weeks ago, during Hurricane Sandy, a whole lot of people of the city used the telephone booths and most of them used it for the very first time in last few years.

Earlier this year, the New York City along with City 24 x 7 company declared a project, with which the telephone booths entered the 21st century. Some of the booths were remodeled with touch-screens and Wi- Fi. After few months, twenty five updated booths turned into a huge hit.

Now, the city is all gearing up to set up 250 high – tech booths across its 5 boroughs. The telephone booths, otherwise known as ‘SmartScreen’ stations are made in collaboration with LG and Cisco. Booths feature 32 inches multi-touch screens along with applications that allow people to search for local hotels, restaurants and other information. To use the features at ‘new’ booths, one just needs to tap the screen.

While speaking to a leading news channel, City 24×7 chief executive officer Tom Touchet told that local infos were really important to people and people felt more connected to it. Touchet added that the mission of the telephone booths is to revitalize, protect and inform.

The booths will also serve to cope up with local problems. A percentage of the advertisement money will be used in a speedy recovery from Hurricane Sandy. The booth’s screens will also show safety and emergency information.