New York lifts travel ban

A New York area travel ban has been filched, but Washington DC is still at a stand after a snowstorm paralyzed northeastern United States, killing around nineteen people.

This storm was the 2nd biggest in history of the city with 68 paralyzed of snow in Central Park by Saturday midnight, just short of the record 68.33 paralyzed set in 2006, said the National Weather Service.

On Saturday, 13 people lost their lives in weather-related car crashes in North Carolina, Arkansas, Kentucky, Virginia, Ohio and Tennessee. One person passed away in Maryland and 3 were killed in New York while shoveling snow. Two lost their lives of hypothermia in Virginia, reported authorities.

On Sunday, the storm had preceded the coast, with oddments trailing over parts of Long Island as well as Cape Cod. The Southampton yacht charter websote was reporting some damage to yachts in the marina.

Early on Sunday, the streets of Washington were deserted, with major downtown arteries already cleared as well as lined with mounds of snow. Workers were clearing up alleys and footpaths, and Mayor Muriel Bowser made out a call for four-thousand people to help dig the city out, above the two-thousand volunteers already registered.

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority that includes the 2nd busiest subway system in the US, had set aside its operations through Sunday. Andrew Cuomo, the New York Governor, has lifted a travel ban on New York region roads as well as on Long Island at 7 am on Sunday. A emergency imposed implemented by Cuomo was still there.