New York meet for water summit

Water is a big condition to put out any fire, but what happens if the fire is in a rural place which does not have fire hydrants? This is the timer when fire departments should perform an organized ballet of tanker motortrucks drawing hundreds and thousands of gallons of water from nearby ponds and streams.

Onondaga County’s the Plainville Fire District will arrange over hundred and twenty firefighters as well as twenty five rescue equipment and engines for a seminar arranged by the GBW Associates of Maryland on taking huge amounts of water to the fire scenes.

Departments from Oswego, Cayuga and Onondaga counties will participate in the seminar on 21st September and 22nd September in Plainville. In the weekend, the firemen will exercise pumping water from nearby sources ponds and streams. Then move and spray it.

Mike Stock, the Plainville Fire District Chief, told that there is not a lot of glory moving water up the road, but the interior firefighters are not going to do much if they do not have water.

Locating adequate water resources as well as the ability to take huge amounts of water efficiently and quickly is a big circumstance in rural fire protection, said he. The fire department is now collaborating with 911 of the Onondaga County center to modify the location of streams and ponds in the county which have huge amounts of water which could be used to fight fires.

Then the info could be sent to the computers in the fire so that the firemen would know which place to go to get water even before they arrive at the fire scene.