Marian Gaborik made a goal at fourteen minutes of the 3rd overtime, while the New York Rangers thrashed the Washington Capitals team in a 2-1 win on the morning of Thursday.

This led the New York Rangers to make a lead of 2-1 in their upcoming Eastern Conference semifinal series.
Brad Richards was close to the backboards just prior to sending a pass to Gaborik, who completed the run by slipping the puck just within the pads of goalie Braden Holtby.

It was Gaborik’s 1st goal ever since New York’s 1st playoff game just next to Ottawa, where the team snapped an 8 game shortage.

Henrik Lundqvist had prevented forty five possible goals for New York while Holtby saved forty seven shots for the team Washington Capitals. Quite early in the 3rd overtime, Washington Capitals almost bolted down a New York power play round to keep the thrill and excitement going in the match.

The match began at 7:40 p.m. and extended to the next day, terminating at around 12:14 a.m. on Thursday. There will be a 2 day halt prior to their match on Saturday for Game 4 in Washington City.

The match was low scoring, yet it thrilled the audience to the hilt. The game is extremely important for the Capitals. 9 of Washington’s ten playoff games have been adjudicated just by a goal. The only match where there was an exception was New York’s win by 3-1 in the tournament opener match.

John Carlson got a 2nd period goal for team Washinton Capitals, 2-3 in overtime in the after season match. Ryan Callahan made a score in the 2nd period for team New York, which progressed to 1-2 in the overtime session during the playoffs.

The main distinction was clear that in the earlier game, Washington Capitals striked a 2-0 lead and did not require the fault that Ovechkin is competent of giving. In spite of his extensive play in rule, he was utilized very cautiously during the overtime session.