TMZ all set to offer NYC tours

TMZ is popular for celeb gossips but they have been providing their very own version of sours in LA for over a year now. Now you can get ready for some more local flavors. According to reports, Harvey Levin, the founder of TMZ has recently stated that now the tours are ready to come to New York, probably by early 2013.

Now, it will be really interesting to see how everything goes, but if we consider the Los Angeles tours and the TMZ’s shows, we can expect the red buses to go to those places where celebs have revealed their worst.

People, who will take the tour, can certainly expect to visit some secret celeb hotspots as the TMZ site says that the tours will be guided by folks from TMZ on TV. In Los Angeles, the bur tour takes where Hugh Grant was seen with a whore, the liquor shop where Holly star Halle Berry drove into, but with NYC, TMZ has really need to do some research as where the celebs gone naughty, because stars in this city are slightly more modest compared to LA. At present, the Hollywood tours at costs $ 49 for adults and $ 39 for children.

But before TMZ starts their tour, we have another good news as the NFL season is about to start and football fanatics are all set to celebrate the football season. For those who live in the greater NYC area, it will not be much difficult to reach. The first game of this year between Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants will take place at the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.